Social Responsability

QUARTZO Engineering Defense, Industry and Commerce Ltda., In perfect alignment with the demands of modern society, is a conscious company and acts in order to preserve the environment, avoiding any kind of waste in its activities and always recommending to its customers materials and equipment that has the least impact on the planet.

We are also striving for a better country for our children and grandchildren, and with that thought we could not help but support some entity that really makes a difference, contributing to a better future for those who somehow need more assistance.

Among several organized entities that act in a serious and dedicated manner, QUARTZO chose CASA MARIA DE MAGDALA's Friends of the Sick Association for the spectacular work it has been doing since 1991 to support seropositive children and adults, providing dedicated service and greatly increasing the quality of life of these patients.

In due course, other entities may be supported at QUARTZO's sole discretion.

Become a Business Partner!

If you produce or are about to produce any innovative material or equipment for the Public Security or National Defense segments that has high operational performance and sustained quality, please contact us. Come talk to us about your product. If it meets all technical, ethical and business requirements and is competitively priced, you can become a QUARTZO business partner.

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